Friday, September 29, 2006


From sun up to sun down, a little review on the REALTOR Caucus held yesterday at the Desert Ridge Marriott Resort & Spa put on by the Arizona Association of REALTORS.

Many other attendees actually got to stay at the beautiful resort (on their own dime... I think) but because of scheduling I could not. However this has happened before on meetings that I have had to attend in Phoenix. No problem. I like driving (but the lear jet was quicker).

Each time I've had to take this day trip to Phoenix I have left Kingman when it is dark. Usually I leave around 4:00am (I left later this time because the meeting didn't start till 9:00am). So I always get to enjoy the sunrise. Often they are brilliant displays. Likewise on the way home I'm in for a show as the sun begins to set. This time I happened to have my camera with me for a change and decided I would try to snap a photo of the sunrise and the sunset (all the while keeping one eye on the road at 80MPH, kids don't try this at home). So above you are seeing the sun rise in the east and at the end of this article you'll see the sun set in the west. Neither photo is all that great but I wasn't pulling over to set up any shots. Just point and click.

Onto the Caucus. It was a nice event and just another example of why I have plenty of faith in our State Associaiton.

Richard Mack of Richard V. Mack & Associates and Michelle Lind, AAR's General Counsel made up a panel on real estate related issues. Now I did not take notes and frankly don't remember all that many highlights of this part of the program. Nothing against these two at all, but I think legal speak is boring to listen to, yet I find it very interesting to read. I'm sure there will be an occasion when I'll be in a discussion somewhere when something that one of these people on the panel said something that I'll find useful to use for my side of the conversation. But for now I'm drawing a blank.

Next up was economist Elliott D. Pollack. His presentation was very good. You can see the slideshow here. Mr. Pollack kind of reminds me of Richard Belzer with his delivery. Not an exact match but similarities. Plenty of info on housing and the economy. It was very Phoenix centric information but nonetheless I found it interesting. He said that in 04/05 that builders built an excess of 20,000 units, and now that excess needs to be absorbed. What caused the excess demand couldn't be answered but for all the reasons given, investing was at the heart of most of it and the only remaining pressure from demand is from population growth. Which alone does not equal the demand levels from those years any longer.

Bottom line he said that it will take time to absorb the excess supply of housing units to bring back some balance to the market, but that this will be the third best year in the history of sales in real estate. Better than 2003 and earlier. Good stuff and please take a moment to check out the slideshow for many more interesting facts.

The last presenter in the morning was AAR's Vice President of Government Affairs, Tom Farley. Once again I did not take notes as he listed the many items the State Association is working on with the legislative process. He did mention Mohave County's ongoing battle about the land split 'Matrix', so we did get a little shout out for the north west part of the state.

After luch the groups of people were broken up into their regional area's to discuss issues that are more on the local side of things. Then each regional VP gave a review of these issues in front of the main body of folks that showed up. Our regional VP, Michelle Pepper, did a great job representing us. It was a difficult task because I'm sure that I was a pain in the ass the whole time during the regional breakout session.

And of course just when many of you all thought I had learned to say no to things, Michelle asks me if I would be interested in being the regional VP for 2008-09. Did I say no??

Just when I thought that I was out they pull me back in.

Well it's not quite that bad, I should digress. I at least get a year to concentrate on my business a bit more and that the position is not as labor intensive as the current leadership positions I am involved in. And ssshhhh... I was kind of hoping for that all along... but don't let that little secret out.

Of course I would still be subject to blood tests, drug tests, eye exams, credit checks, IQ tests, polygraph tests.... What?? Are you saying that's wrong?? None of that applies?? Hmm. Oh.. the represented Associations just have to accept me for the position?? Well now I'm not so sure if I'll get the job afterall.

What I am realizing is that leadership is now in my blood. Oh the flies will most certainly be in the ointment, the monkeys will be in the wrench, and the pain will be in the ass now for sure for some years going forward. It's okay, I'm bringing you along for the ride.

The event was great and I am glad that I participated. I was looking forward to listening to the Phillies game on the way home on my XM radio but there was a rain delay. No matter they lost anyway and probably blew their chances at the playoffs. No worries, I'm used to it.

This was sunset last night. And it is also sunset for this post. But the sun will rise again later.

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