Friday, September 22, 2006

I'm off...

I heading out again for a 3 day weekend. I'm off to Zion National Park in Utah. It's a camping trip which also means a hiking trip. Not a huge participant in these activities... especially during football season... but my wife is an enthusiast.

Plus this is the place that I met my wife just a little over 7 years ago, on a similar type of camping and hiking extravaganza. I'm gonna miss you all and will have plenty of time to think of new posts while I struggle for breath on the hikes (I was in better shape 7 years ago for this kind of activity).

Meanwhile here are some links to some great reading.

Jay Thompson wants to raise the bar for getting a real estate license. Some great ideas. Read it.

The fella's at sellsius managed to post 50 articles on their blog yesterday. I was worried about the quality of the content, but to be honest the quantity really didn't have any negative affect on the always spot on quality you normally will find at their site. Read it. Read it all.

Thinking about buying a brand new home from a developer?? Check out Greg Swann's bit about why it's a great idea to bring along your favorite Realtor. Just don't forget to negotiate up front to save yourself even more money. Read it.

Ardell, from the Rain City Guide, has a nice informative article about things to consider if your thinking about purchasing a home. Read it.

Greg Tracy has a good discussion going about the positives, in his view, of dual agency. Read it.

For you folks who are on the fence about starting a blog for your business, Jim Cronin from the Tomato has an article for you to consider. Read it.

What?? Nothing on Zillow or or Google and real estate?? I've left that up to others who are better at the subject than I.

Enjoy... I will miss all of you.

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