Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My favorite property in Mohave County...

As I stated earlier, I had an all day meeting in Lake Havasu today. I take Interstate 40 to the Havasu turnoff when I head there. Along the way in an area called Yucca you will pass this unique looking residence.

Sorry the photo is not any better, but keep in mind that the speed limit is 75 on the freeway and I have to keep one eye on the road so the composition may be less than desired.

I pass this place each time I head west on the freeway and always think a couple of things. First, I want to buy this place some day. Don't really know why... it's way out in the middle of nowhere. I certainly wouldn't like the commute. And second, if I did buy the place someday I'd have Titelist painted on the side somewhere visible to the freeway side. To me it looks like a giant golf ball plain and simple. Hey, I realize this is a crazy reason to want to buy the place, but luckily for me I am married to the woman I am married to because she would never allow me to do such a thing.

Some lore about the place that I am familiar with, some of which may be wrong as I hear the stuff second and third hand, it used to be a restaurant. I imagine that location wouldn't be so good for such an enterprise. I believe it has a new recent owner. It is now painted this gray color and used to be a tan or beige. You can tell that some work has been done to the property as well on the lot and such. You may also see in the photo a couple of other sphere's, there is also a UFO type of model somewhere on the land. It's the kind of motif that I would imagine late-night radio show host Art Bell might be inclined to live in, if you ever listened to the show you'd know what I'm talking about.

This place was listed a few years back and I thought the asking price was somewhere in the neighborhood of $300,000. Too expensive for me back then and probably too expensive today. Glad to see that it appears to be taken care of by the current owner. I hope that this place becomes some sort of protected landmark in the future.

Yucca is a small, real small community. There is development in the area though and I could see it expand and become more popular in the future. The I-40 corridor has plenty of commercial opportunity and the folks who may end up working out there may want to live in closer proximity.

I was lucky enough to have my camera in the vehicle with me so I snapped the photo and wanted to share it. Hope you like.

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