Thursday, September 21, 2006

Gunfight at the KGVAR Corral

I'm headed to the Board of Directors meeting for this month at the Association. Big day because we are proposing the budget for next year. I'm already hearing rumors swirling around and members are getting pretty fired up.

I'm not going to discuss the particulars on our local budget, but I will say that I hope that the meeting room is filled this morning. It would be a great opportunity to educate the members on the issues that face the Association in the coming years with the big changes that have been made.

I hope I'm wearing the white cowboy hat by the end of the meeting, but I suspect many of the Members think I'm wearing the black cowboy hat this morning right now.


I guess I'm too big and strong. I'm too threatening perhaps. Maybe I'm intimidating more than many years of playing hockey I thought could have made me.

Other than the other Board of Directors and the Committee Chairs who attended the meeting, exactly zero other members showed up to hear about the changes to their dues changing and how it will affect the budget for next year.

Dang it!! I knew I should have put the new fishing boat that I want on the budget.

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