Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Attention KGVAR Members...

This is a reminder that I, as your fearless leader, have led a key change to our Association bylaws that you all approved for the upcoming elections. That's right no more excuses that it was too difficult to get on the ballot for a seat on the Board of Directors, all you have to do is head to the Board Office and petition yourself.

Right now Rita Zumwalt, next years president, is working with the nominating committee to fill out the ballot for the election in October. What?? She hasn't called you?? You want to be on the Board of Directors?? Well then it's time to head down to the office and make your intentions known.

Don't forget you can also call Rita to request to be a committee chair for next year as well. This year has seen some relative success with committe involvement but much more is needed. We are not a small organization any longer and we will continue to grow. The Board of Directors is no longer a catch all for all of the business for our Association. Input from all walks of the Members is more than needed.

Members, times are changing... and quickly. Changes will affect our Associaton and it's so apparent that your contribution is vital. Are you up to the challenge that lies ahead?? I hope so. Many members of the current Board have given up precious hours of our business and lives to make a difference and the experience is rewarding.. yet also tiring. I look forward to be the immediate past president next year but I assure you that I'm not going away quietly.

Many challenges will face not only our business, but our clients as well in the coming term. We are standing up to the County and City on important issues surrounding growth and private property rights. I notice many more Members every day that will be great leaders of our Association that will hold our convictions true going forward. The key for us is your willingness to be involved.

Do tell your brokers that their input on the new WARDEX data exchange organization is needed, now is the time for them to step up and organize themselves to be on the same page to help counsel the Board of Directors of the Association. Feel free to crash any committee meeting that you think you can help with, you'd be surprised how much a few hours volunteering your time can make a difference in the Association and the community.

We are in good hands with the current Board of Directors but terms are expiring, you be the difference in enhancing the direction of this emerging Association. You are invited, you have been asked, you can make the difference.

This Association is only as good as the Members make it to be.

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