Monday, September 11, 2006

Carnival of Real Estate at one of my favorite sites...

In my short time as a blogger I've come to really enjoy one site in particular. It is the Real Estate Tomato. The information there is great, please check it out.

This week the Tomato is hosting the Carnival of Real Estate. All kinds of relavant information. So hurry, hurry, hurry, and step right up.

I think the other reason that I like the Tomato is because I like eating tomatoes. I was eating them while I was watching week one of the NFL football season all day long. A little salt, olive oil, pepper.... Mmm, mmm. Sometimes balsamic vinegar and fresh cheese, oh it's all good. I also notice that I get hungry after viewing the Tomato blog. I don't think that was Jim's intent, but whatever.

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