Tuesday, September 19, 2006

MLS discussion...

"Meet the new boss..."

Most everyone knows that lyric from The Who. I'm going to replace the word 'boss' with 'MLS' for this discussion. Let's pretend that you have the opportunity to have input on a new MLS organization start up.

Will it be "Meet the new MLS... the same as the old MLS"?? (I know the syllables don't exactly match up if you were to be humming the tune, but please play along anyway)

I ask the question because of my involvement with starting up a new regional MLS (again we are referring to it locally as a Data Exchange on not MLS, but it's the same thing). I have some ideas and think that I could affect change while the organization is in the infancy stage, but I want to hear from others on this. Other bloggers in the biz, other local Members if you happen to be reading, even want to hear from anyone outside the MLS world, please feel free to offer up what you'd like to see an MLS type of service provide.

We all know that the data found in the traditional MLS have real value to many an interested party. Many, what I'd consider, outside forces want a crack at the data for their own use to perhaps add some value to buyers and sellers. Current Members want a well policed and organized data base for use in a cooperative manner to better represent their client. Brokers... well I think that brokers want control of the data, but I'm not a broker so I can't say what their motivations truly may be outside of the client interest (I at least hope that client interest is at the heart of their motivations). However I do hear brokers talk about protecting the data at all costs a lot. Exactly what that means I really don't know, or at least it hasn't been explained in a way that I am comfortable with.

Today I just sat through a 4.5 hour long Board of Directors meeting for the new data exchange (WARDEX) that is being created in my local area. Plenty of great insight was shared by the various interim Members and represented Association Executives that were in attendance. We all have different wants and needs it seems, we definitely have different expectations as to what we may be creating. I won't go into those details or my views at this time, if ever, and if I do share anything I'll limit it to my views only.

But now is your turn so please play along. How would you manage the data of the MLS if you were in my shoes. What would you propose??

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