Friday, February 13, 2009

Waterproof sand...

Stumbled across something this morning that I thought would be interesting to share. Haven't really heard from the water-worry types in a while, but I don't want them to think that I've forgotten about them.

I was reading this post and found an item referred to as 'waterproof sand'.

Waterproof sand – or as German scientist Helmut F. Schulze calls it – hydrophobic sand, a nanotechnology wonder seven years in the making.

By simply laying down a 10-centimetre blanket of DIME Hydrophobic Materials sand beneath typical desert topsoils, the new super sand stops water below the roots level of the plants and maintains a water table, giving greenery a constant water supply. 3000 tons/day is already being produced. 1 ton of silicate coated sand would probably be good for 10 square meters. 4 days of production to cover one square kilometer.


With new hydrophobic sand in place, traditional watering of desert plants five or six times a day can be reduced to one watering, saving 75 per cent more water, a precious resource that is dwindling across the Arab Peninsula.

Arab Peninsula?? I suppose they need to preserve water, sure... but what about Mohave County?? Saving 75% more water always sounds like a good idea.

Plenty more information on this exciting technological advancement at these links below...

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Of course... this means more golf courses!!

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