Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Comment/update on Kingman Crossing...

Last week the community was alerted to a meeting that took place in Phoenix between the landowners/developers of Kingman Crossing and the City of Kingman officials.

I wrote about that here at this link.

I thought at some point last week the media would cover some details of the meetings, but nothing (of course) has appeared.

Out of the blue, I was contacted by the project manager of the Kingman Crossing development last week. We had a brief discussion brought on by the blog post I wrote. I asked the Vestar project manager, Ryan Desmond, if he wouldn't mind putting something in an email and I'd post it here.

Here it is...

Vestar and Vanderbilt remain committed to Kingman Crossing. We continue to believe in the need for additional retail options in the City of Kingman and the region as a whole and feel strongly that Kingman Crossing affords the best opportunity to make that a reality. After a meeting with city officials last week to begin discussions on a possible public/private partnership and funding mechanism for the future freeway interchange, the city’s attorney suggested that in light of some current litigation between another developer and the City of Phoenix that is working its way through the courts, it would be prudent for all parties to wait until the matter is settled before entering into any agreement between Kingman and Vestar and/or Vanderbilt. We understand these concerns and agree with the approach. Despite the unfortunate delay, our enthusiasm for the project remains as strong today as it did when we first began our initial discussions with the city. Once the Phoenix litigation is settled, we look forward to continuing our conversations and moving forward with Kingman Crossing.

Ryan Desmond
Vestar Development Co.

While the KDMiner decided that this meeting wasn't news worth covering, the mayor of Kingman did write up some of the happenings on his blog at the Miner. Here is the link to that blog post.

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