Thursday, February 19, 2009

On the economic development front...

Someday perhaps pretty soon we will see articles like these linked below here in Kingman. Just a few recent articles about what other communities are doing to help their economic development opportunities. Some in Kingman believe, still, that it is better we hide in our collective shells until there is a brighter day. Meanwhile...

Governor announces legislation to encourage economic development

New and enhanced incentives could bring large projects, high-paying jobs to Georgia

2/18/2009 -

ATLANTA – Governor Sonny Perdue announced today that House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Rep. Larry O’Neal has introduced a legislative package that will position Georgia as a more aggressive competitor for economic development projects that grow jobs and investment in the state. The proposed changes to the “Business Expansion Support” Act (BEST) legislation in House Bill 438 and House Bill 439 would enhance and update existing tax credit programs for qualified businesses, including both new and existing companies.

“Now is the time to arm ourselves with the tools that will help bring quality jobs to Georgia as we prepare for economic recovery,” said Governor Sonny Perdue. “Our citizens are the ultimate beneficiaries when we can offer a competitive edge to companies who want to expand in Georgia or bring jobs here.”
Quick, somebody tell these people that hiding in a shell is what is called for, not incentives to bring business and jobs to the area. Who needs that??

Danville City Council approves $1 million for economic development

By Denice Thibodeau
Danville Register & Bee
Published: February 18, 2009

Danville City Council unanimously agreed Tuesday to appropriate $1 million from the city’s general fund for an economic development incentive.

The money will be transferred to the Industrial Development Authority for disbursement to a project that has not yet been announced.

The city will be reimbursed the total amount through an approved Danville Regional Foundation grant as jobs from the project come online.
Talk about a leap of faith. Money will be transferred for a project not even announced yet?? Oh mercy!! Then add in the bit about reimbursement as jobs from this unnamed project come online?? Nah... I like the idea of starting a plywood business for empty commercial businesses instead.

Warrenton names economic development director
Schlenther optimistic despite economy's skid

By Sarah Whitney
Wednesday, February 11, 2009 3:13 AM CST

Despite a troubled economy, Michelle Schlenther is optimistic about her new duties as Warrenton's economic development director.

"I'm very excited, and looking forward to it, and hopefully (can) bring additional jobs to Warrenton," said Schlenther, who was promoted to the position in late January.
I'm sure this nice lady means well... but doesn't she know that the economy will hardly rebound?? She is wasting her time and effort... but luckily for her, when she comes to her senses, that there is plenty of room in our shell for her.

And now my favorite one for the day...

Economic Development Looking to Draw in More People
Reported by: Briana Denney
Last Update: 2/18 7:03 pm

Cerro Gordo County, IA- An area economic development group is making finding things to do, a top priority.

The North Iowa Corridor Economic Development Corp. is trying to let people know the good things going on in Cerro Gordo County. Members goal is to entice people to move here. Director Greg Gillman believes finding things to do key to growing new and old business.

"That will help our workforce grow in the community and become more vibrant community," said Gillman.

Gillman said the more people who move here the bigger the tax base and more things the community can do.

"You don't want to be a dying community or area," said Gillman.

He adds Cerro Gordo County is no where near that but emphasizes it's important to be progressive and think of new ideas to bring people into the area.

"Always be taking steps to be a more vibrant community," said Gillman.

My favorite because it practically reads like a Bizarro Superman episode.

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