Thursday, February 12, 2009

Like sands through the hour-glass...

In the seemingly never ending story of the future of Kingman Crossing, new developments have surfaced. While so far there hasn't been anything reported on by the online (and I haven't seen the Standard or heard any radio reports), apparently the landowners and developers at Kingman Crossing are backing away from any discussions on public/private partnerships that may have led to future development at this time.

I did get an email a couple of days ago that gave me the heads up about a meeting between the private parties and the city where the city was informed that for now, talks are off.

Also, there is a mention of the meeting found in the online comments that appear at the bottom of this link to an opinion letter to the editor. The author of the comment seems to be the mayor of Kingman and for the most part I believe it is the mayor that left the comment, but in this world of online comments where anyone can be anyone else they want to be... there is at least a tiny bit of doubt if it actually is the mayor that left the comment.

Here is the comment from that link...

Posted: Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Article comment by: John Salem

The KC Interchange is on hold. A meeting was held in Phoenix with Vanderbilt and Vestar. There is a pending lawsuit between another developer and the City of Phoenix with respect to an off-site improvement and who is responsible for payment. This lawsuit will set precedent. Because of this, Vanderbilt and Vestar are backing out of negotiations for at least 6 months. I feel this is a shame because I have been and will be such a proponent for KC. Mayor.

Again, for the most part I accept that this comment was from the mayor. There will most likely be an article published on the Miner's website about this very newsworthy event and I won't be surprised if the mayor is quoted to say something very similar to the above.

So... is this it?? Is this chapter finally over?? Will there be commercial retail development and a new interchange at Kingman Crossing??

Well, if you are of the opinion that this particular infrastructure project would be a benefit to the community at large there is another alternative (there always is).

At the call to the public of the city council meeting on January 20th, long time local real estate broker David Hollingsworth shared a possible alternative with the members of council. Click on this link to see the presentation he made at that council meeting. You'll find it in the early part of the meeting.

It is unclear to me where this possibility will go. I'm hopeful that the city leaders will give this some serious consideration. A simple exchange of property for cash could lead to two infrastructure projects for the price of practically nothing (you really need to watch the video). Practically nothing meaning no increased taxes or bonds on the backs of community taxpayers if the numbers work out.

Worth looking into?? Certainly.

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