Saturday, February 14, 2009

A local water issue dust-up in the works...

Came across this link this morning...

A Bullhead City legislator wants to change water laws to allow northwestern Arizona to be able to tap into more Colorado River water.

Current laws permit water pumped from the Colorado River into Mohave County to be used only for industrial applications such as mining, utility plants and golf courses. Those laws date back to the 1920s governing how the states along the Colorado River divide up their water allocations.

Rep. Nancy McLain, R-Bullhead City, has introduced a bill (HB 2142) to allow Colorado River water to be used to meet the growing municipal and consumer needs for the Kingman area.

There was an effort to pass legislation like this last year, I believe.

However, the logic of the wording from this report as the reasoning is a bit tough to follow. Kingman is not on the banks of the Colorado River. So I'm not sure how this proposed bill will work. Plus... the bit about the growing municipal and consumer needs in Kingman is folly at this time since it is clear that our community is losing more people than it is gaining... hence... we aren't growing.

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