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Hey folks... it's me, your humble spin Meister and propaganda minister here.

It seems that my little post from yesterday motivated a couple of folks at the Miner's website to start tossing out labels and hilarious allegations at my direction. No problem though, I enjoyed the laugh.

I responded to one comment post that appeared on the mayors blog site at the which I'll link to again here.

But I thought it would be fun to respond to the other post here on my site. It comes from KDMiner blogger and all around good guy Loyd. It starts like this...

It seems to me that a P&Z commissioner is supposed to be dispassionate and fair and open-mined.

And if Loyd had been on the City Council he would have assuredly voted against me when my name was motioned and seconded for appointment to the commission. Instead of being appointed by a vote of 6-1 in favor, I would have been appointed by a vote of 5-2. I'll say this again, there is no one in this community more surprised by my appointment to the P&Z commission than me. I am still very honored and humbled. I willingly serve on the commission at the pleasure of the elected leaders and will do so as long as they have me. It is their gig, not mine.

Loyd, I apologize to you for having the passion I do on the rights property owners are afforded, I'm never dispassionate in those terms. As far as 'fair and open-minded' is concerned... that's very subjective and probably the main reason why the panel of commissioners is made up of seven members and not left in the hands of a planning and zoning czar.

Todd Tarson, newly appointed with the strong support of Mayor Salem, seems to be a willing go-between carrying water and PR clips for out-of-town developers.

Loyd is correct here. I was willing to copy and paste the comment from the project manager that works for the developer. I even went so far as to make the offer to do so. It is not my quote, I do not own it. If you, Loyd, or anyone else has a problem with it... fine by me. Like you and most all others that live in Kingman, save for two elected office holders and some paid city officials, I was not at the meeting so I have no idea what the hell went on there.

If Vice-Mayor Watson, Council Member Lyons, the attorney that the city hired to help with possible negotiations, or the other city officials want to send me, via email, their interpretations of the meeting held on February 9th in Phoenix that they attended... I'll gladly post them here on my blog.

Of course I wouldn't have to make this offer, or even would have had to post the email from the developer, if the media in Kingman -- namely the Miner -- could have somehow found the time to get a few quotes from the parties that attended the meeting. Like it or not... the issues involving Kingman Crossing are a big deal in this community. Getting some progress updates from time to time would be nice.

Tarson is totally unabashed in his vocal support for anything goes wind turbine issues.

Loyd I'm not surprised that you see it this way and really I don't care. Most rational people that may have been following along now with my writing on this subject (all 40 of you, thanks) know that I view this as a property rights issue. Wind turbines are not a self interest for me, I don't want one on my property.

Again, as a commissioner on the planning and zoning panel, I am one of seven (yet of the two agenda items put in front of that panel since I joined, both were approved unanimously... go figure).

And, when it comes to any type of development issues – well – "Yes", "Yes", "Yes" will be the championed cry.

Any type of development Loyd?? I've already voted to deny a developers request to change zoning in their favor... but facts, often times for you, seem to be irrelevant.

However, here is where your comment is correct. Does the proposed development issue lead to additional jobs in the community?? "Yes" will be the championed cry. Will the proposed development issue lead to improved community services and quality of life?? "Yes" will be the championed cry. Will the proposed development issue lead to more investment into our community?? Once again "Yes" will be the championed cry.

Yet no matter what, as a commissioner on the panel, I will only be one of seven and if I'm actually this extremist you're attempting to make me out to be... my vote will be in the clear minority.

But, I guess a "groomed" commission, as a former city manager once described, is what a "Pro-Growth" Mayor would want in place for moving big development agendas forward.

Chance are very good that Loyd voted for this 'Pro-Growth' mayor he speaks of. Also, it seems to me that Loyd has issues with 'Pro-Growth' agenda items... but don't you dare label him non growth friendly.

As far as any 'grooming' is concerned, the only contacts that I have received from the city are the ones that remind me of either the ride-a-round inspection the Thursday before the P&Z meeting or for the actual P&Z meeting.

Tarson seems more than willing to "grease the skids".

Before responding to this one I googled 'grease the skids'.

From here...

1. grease the skids

get things started, to warm up; to get the ball rolling; to not get caught with your pants down

Jon wanted to grease the skids by sending out an email in advance of the meeting

Also from here...

Idiom Definitions for 'Grease the skids'
If you grease the skids, you facilitate something

Heh. Guilty as charged then. I love facilitating open discussion on future development of the community.

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