Sunday, February 01, 2009

Helluva game!!

Some thoughts...

I actually think the Cardinals carried the play for most of the game. In my eyes, the better team.

The football bounces in funny ways... a play here... a play there... perhaps a play without a penalty flag (for a change) -- the outcome would have been more fitting.

Congrats to the Steeler's, hats off and a deserving win in one of the best games I've seen with the title on the line.

The big game has been living up to the hype in many of the recent years.

Cardinals fans... savor this even though it was not a win. What a great season, surprising in many ways. They have nice team on both sides of the ball. They will get even better.

The Fitz kid is something else, I hope he keeps it up, a real superstar.

Good luck next year, unless the match is against the Eagles... that is.

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