Monday, February 02, 2009

Liveblogging the council meeting (sorta)

Decided to open a blog post while watching the live link to the city council meeting.

Tuned in a bit late, but in time to see the council pass approval to enter an intergovernmental agreement with ADOT to begin acquisition of right-of-ways in the area of the proposed Rattlesnake Wash traffic interchange.

Council just turned down the Fripps Ranch request to rezone the property on Southern Avenue. This has turned out to be a pretty contentious item. While this issue and debate means very little to me personally since I live on the other side of town and not affected one way or the other, there is something that is bothering me and this issue is just a microcosm of the whole thing.

The concept of private property rights, in Kingman, is basically dead... if you are the property owner. John Locke is turning over in his grave.

The next few items move along with not much fanfare.

Next up the conditional use permit for a personal use wind turbine. Approved unanimously.

Last item up now... the city desires to buy an old building downtown with the intention of using it as a larger council chambers for city meetings. I was reading comments earlier about how this issue was just another one of those 'back room deals'. I figured that we might see watchdog groups come out against such a move, perhaps a couple of citizens coming unglued, for old times sake. Nothing of the sort materialized.

Council approved the purchase of the property listed on the agenda as 429 East Beale. Not a one person spoke up against it as a back room deal.

The second quarter financial report was given... things seem to be in line along the budget.

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