Monday, January 12, 2009

Rezone approved at county meeting...

This morning the Mohave County Supervisors approved a rezone to allow commercial property to be developed near the master planned community Pravada.

I'll copy these comments from the new District 1 Supervisor from yesterday's Kingman Daily Miner article...

Watson has also spoken with residents and planners about the proposed Aztec Commercial Center, which would be located at Bolsa and Aztec roads in Golden Valley. The project was originally denied by the Planning and Zoning Commission early last year, but it was then approved a few months ago by the commission. It was denied by the Board of Supervisors a few months ago and former Board Chairman Pete Byers brought the item back for reconsideration last month. The project is on today's Board agenda.

The project would include warehousing, storage and retail spaces.

Watson said he can understand the work that went into creating the County General Plan and the Golden Valley Area Plan and the desire to see commercial business stay near Highway 68.

"These area plans have to be flexible," he said. "Aztec will eventually be a five- to seven-lane road, 55 miles per hour. My question to those folks is, 'Why not a commercial zone between (the master-planned community) Pravada and (Highway) 68?' It makes sense to me."

"But with this influence (Pravada) it changes," he said.

Although the project appears to be spot zoning, residents within 300 feet don't appear to have any objections to it, he said. And it makes sense to have additional services between Pravada and Route 68.

So the Aztec Commercial Center received approval this morning.

Noticed at the meeting...

The anti-growth folks were outnumbered. More residents spoke in favor of the rezone change than against. It wasn't even close.

The anti-growthers also wouldn't know a coherent argument if one was handed to them. I think that many people in the county have tired of their antics and tactics. I know that they have threatened local business people that don't agree with them first hand, as I have been a target of their antics via emails forwarded to me (the threats are laughable at best).

I believe the county elected leaders spoke out today in favor of property rights and also represented its citizens all at the same time. Cheers to them and I hope that there is a momentum shift towards an open minded approach that welcomes investment and a sense of entrepreneurial spirit in our region.

The sky only falls when it is allowed to.

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