Friday, January 16, 2009

The 'green' mobile home

Call it what you will... 'pre-fab', 'modular', 'mobile'... whatever, but perhaps in the not too distant future we will see dwellings such as these around these parts. Taken from this online Popular Mechanics article...

The result was the Clayton I-House, an innovative prefab home that can be powered for a dollar a day, thanks to Low-E windows, solar augmentation, high-efficiency appliances, and superior insulation. The solar panels on the roof don't supply all the home's needs, but they do cut electricity consumption in half. There's also a tankless hot-water heater, and a cistern that collects rainwater from the roof for use in gardening, car washing, or other outdoor uses. Floors are made of fast-growing bamboo, and paint and insulation are low- or zero-emission.

Read the whole thing for more information on the conceptual design. More of this please, is what I say. Advances in other technologies for use in traditional site-built homes will equal more affordability and higher demand as well.

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