Monday, January 19, 2009

Not as I had hoped...

Happy for the fans of the Cardinals for their effort in the NFC title game yesterday, but I am obviously not thrilled by the outcome (as an Eagles fan).

No excuses either, the better team won that game. Executed a great game in the first half and did enough in the final minutes to earn the victory.

I will be rooting for the Cardinals in the big game. I think it is great to see the state of Arizona have another shot at a pro sports league title. I still remember game 7 of World Series back in 2001 when an AZ team won it all. There was an NFL football game played that afternoon in Phoenix as I was in attendance (still remember the B-2 bomber flying over the sky before the baseball game started as I began the drive back to Kingman), and I would have preferred the same outcome between those two teams yesterday however.

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