Saturday, January 31, 2009

And that dress your are wearing...

With only day to go before the big event... the monthly listings report for January (oh... you thought I meant the football game thingy?? No silly) I found a great take that I'd like to share about what some are dealing in this thing we call reality.

Come to us today from the BloodhoundBlog by Thomas Hall
. Please read the whole thing.

Here is a snippet...

My conversation with my client earlier today started off rather pleasant, really.

Our talk was lighthearted - what were the plans for Superbowl Sunday, the latest buzz about work - the winter weather in Chicago and the prospects of warmer weather arriving soon - hopefully. It wasn’t the reason for my call, but the banter was really my attempt to put off the inevitable. I needed to have “the talk.”

“Your child is ugly.”

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