Thursday, January 15, 2009

Eagles fly into Arizona...

Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb celebrates Sunday, as does Cardinals QB Kurt Warner on Saturday. They'll meet next Sunday, Jan. 18, 2009, in Glendale.

As you might imagine, the Eagles fan that I am, I snooped around for tickets to the big game coming up this Sunday here in Arizona. No avail. Tickets are going for much more than face value and I'm sorta tapped out on the entertainment budget at this time (after spending money for Eagles game tickets in Minnesota).

I'm obviously thrilled to have had the opportunity to see the Eagles begin their playoff march in the NFC a couple of weeks ago, and certainly it is surprising that the match up this week ends up being between these two teams (lower seeds usually don't make it this far).

But here they are and here I am in Arizona and while I'm happy to see the fans in Arizona come alive for their team after decades of less than stellar performance, I'll be cheering on the team in midnight green (of course).

I've hoped for success from the Arizona sports teams since I moved to this state. It normally takes some success to establish a loyal fan base, that and perhaps a generation of folks that grow up with a home town team.

Each year I try to catch a Diamondbacks game when the Phillies come to Phoenix for a regular season series... and I always see a decent amount of Phillies fans there. Same can be said anytime I've made the trip to Phoenix to watch the Eagles visit... many fans cheering on the Eagles. The worst is heading to a NHL Coyotes game when the Red Wings from Detroit visit, half the stadium -- at least -- has a rooting interest for the out of town team.

Only success and a new generation of fans will change that. The D-Backs won a world series in 2001 and I think that has helped them hold a majority of fans for those games (unless the Yankees or Cubs come to town). And I say this with all sincerity, the Cardinals just need a title to finally establish the needed following...

... but, man alive, NOT AT THIS TIME.

I know that I'll be a loyal fan of my original home area sports teams the rest of my life, that won't change. I may be being a bit selfish right now coming off the Phillies World Series title... but a Superbowl win at this time would be real nice for this Eagle fan.

Win or lose though, I wish the Cardinals and their fans well. And if by chance they best the Eagles, I will be hoping that they bring home the trophy... but not this week... not for this game.

While I may not be able to attend the game in person, it looks like many Iggles fans will be making the trip this way. Birds fans travel well. Hide the women and children.

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