Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pretty good take...

From this post at Chicago Boyz...

California has followed the grim path of the Great Lakes states.

As I wrote before, those states where once the industrial dynamo for the entire Earth, yet they destroyed that enormous economic dominance by political policies hostile to economic creativity. Likewise, California had a golden era as an economic and cultural dynamo. Well up until the late 1980s California was the place to go to make it big. People moved from other states to California. Now, internal migration has reversed. California looks less like a dreamland and more like basket case waiting to happen.

Emphasis mine above. Read the whole thing (not long and the comments are good too).

Depending on how you choose to view what was said, this could be a good thing for Arizona and also it is hopeful that Arizona doesn't continue to follow the goofy political policies of the failing state.

Found via Instapundit.

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