Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A flat fee I'd gladly yield further negotiations on

I'm sure I'm not the only Realtor getting this email, but since I'm a little short on prospects with $15 million dollars to throw at a property these days I figured I'd share this with everyone. The 'commission' or the finders fee in this case would certainly help make up for any losses in production over the last couple of years.

Hello again Todd!

One Million Dollars is still available to give you. That’s right! I cannot wait to hand it to you personally for simply finding the buyer for my beautiful property.

Oprah showcased me on her show as an eligible millionaire bachelor. Shortly afterward I "inherited" a gorgeous parcel of land on a golf course complete with a house, health resort, restaurant/bar, and acreage for expansion.

It's the Southern California Dream - Live, Work, Play, and NO commute!

So why am I selling it after 11 years?

Well, my dad will be 90 in February and it’s time to take him traveling. So now I'm doing something totally outrageous! GIVING AWAY $1 MILLION!!

Check out: www.GotToSeeItToBelieveIt.com It’s new w/YouTube video!

Send this site immediately to all of your friends/clients. I make no mention of the million dollar finder’s fee, the identity of the property, or any contact info. That way they must contact you.

You never even have to see my estate near San Diego, much less show it. Just send me the buyer. It sells, you're a millionaire! That simple.

I hope to write you the $1 Million check. I’ve done it before and I can’t wait to do it again!

With pen in hand,

Paul A. Walton


Castle Creek

Feel free to help this dude out if you want.

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