Friday, July 31, 2009

Shake that booty...

Last day of the month of July means I have to get a few more water posts in before the strike of midnight.

Here is a news report from July of last year. Let's take a gander, gander takers...

CAP officials look for future Arizona water solutions
July 2008

U.S. Water News Online

TUCSON, Ariz. — The combined population of three of Arizona's most populous counties could double in 40 years and that has water experts dreaming up plans for the future.

Notice a difference in attitude... in this article it appears that smart folks are dreaming of Arizona's future. Meanwhile back here in Mohave County, other folks (water worry warts) offer nightmarish rhetoric about the future.

One scenario could have three desalination plants on line by 2048 to increase the supply of Central Arizona Project water flowing to Phoenix and Tucson.

One plant could be removing salt from seawater along the Gulf of California in the Mexican state of Sonora — and its booty is shared by Arizona, California, Nevada and Mexico — and two other plants may be treating salt-laden groundwater in the areas of Buckeye and Gila Bend.

Booty?? Who doesn't like booty?? No matter what happens to Mohave County it is most likely that it will still be located in Arizona... just one of the places that could enjoy the booty.

Booty... just love it.

Folks I'm practically convinced that desalination and pipelines are the future for this desert land we live in. The technology gets better offering more production at reduced costs with really only one lingering question mark, will there be enough energy?? Right now we here in Mohave County don't necessarily need the 'booty' spoken of in the article as we have plenty underneath the ground we walk on. There will come a day though when we will need to tap into the booty (not to be confused with the need to tap the booty... hey it's Friday night) that the ocean offers us. So adding energy producing infrastructure probably isn't all that bad of an idea, and the sooner the better.

More from the article...

The prospect of desalination has in recent years gained more currency among water leaders in Arizona and the West as they try to deal with the twin pressures of population growth and drought that have kept flows in the river below normal for seven of the past 10 years.

State and Mexican officials have started preliminary talks on possibly building a plant along the Gulf of California.

The CAP agency has hired a consultant to explore the feasibility of desalinating salt-laden groundwater inside Arizona.

Remember here that these folks are thinking 40 years out. No question about it in the larger metro areas of Arizona that there are major issues with the supply of water, certainly in the future -- but presently as well.

Meanwhile here in Mohave County it is believed that our main source of water for the communities not located along the Colorado River have similar water issues. At the present time they are mainly future issues, yet there is little to zero talk about securing future water needs nor discussion on implementing permanent infrastructure for the future and the 'unborn'.

More credence to the position that hiding in a shell won't offer the correct solution to the future problems for this community.

Support new industry for this area. It is currently knocking at the door.

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