Monday, July 27, 2009

Invoking Godwin's Law means you are losing...

I sorta made the subject of 'water' an unofficial theme in July and so with only a few days left in the month, why not another post about the ongoing discussion??

There has been a lot of response to an article posted on the site yesterday. View it here for yourself.

This morning I was forwarded an email that was originally written by the head water worry wart, I'll share some of it below...

Chilton's article...of course comes out in support of Albiasa (with only quotes from Albiasa propagandist and a comment that makes the citizenship look ridiculous) as well as Salem's glorification of the HVS project in Wednesdays Standard. This is simply business as usual when it comes to the manipulation of government officials and the paid of news media.......

Lets get stronger and finish this thing!!!!!!!!!!

So of course I must shine some light on what was said.

First off, the claim that the 'citizenship' looks ridiculous is too broad. While there were citizens at the meeting, they did not represent the entire community -- not even close. Of course though, the water worry warts have a very totalitarian outlook on things so it won't surprise anyone when this quote appeared from the article linked above...

Moments later, when several residents voiced concerns about not having known about the meeting until learning by word of mouth, Grunewald asserted that Albiasa had met the regulations for public notification.

"That doesn't mean it's right," said one audience member, an older man who went on to exemplify the meeting's air of distrust - "The Nazis met their regulations too."

This is why I will not be lumped in with the water worry warts that insist the 'citizenship' is against economic development. Surely these anti-growthers have heard the term 'Godwin's Law'. Breaking that somewhat humorous law simply means being on the losing side of the argument. Clearly this person was on the losing side of the argument (give him or her their ball, they want to go home).

Of course the charge of the head water worry wart was that this was the only quote attributed to those against the solar power projects. I can't say for certain why it was the only quote used, but I surmise that the following had something to do with it...

For their part, the Albiasa representatives could answer few specific questions, such as who the plant intends to sell its electricity to, how many local residents are likely to get jobs, or whether or not the plant will incorporate "dry" cooling technology, which would use substantially less water than the current plan calls for.

Grunewald and Alvarez admitted many of these questions simply could not be answered at the present time due to ongoing negotiations, as well as planning and engineering that is still very preliminary. They assured audience members that more details would become available as the process continues, and that the company would go through every step necessary to secure the proper zoning and permitting for the plant. At one point, Grunewald noted that if their studies conducted over the following year should show there is not enough water to sustain the plant, the plant would not be built.

To which that probably made most of what the water worry warts had to say at this public presentation of the proposed project moot.

Just goes to show that these folks don't really care about the 'water' in the first place. They don't want any new neighbors, they are against jobs and opportunities for the folks in the community that most need at least some promise of better days ahead. They talk plenty about the future but won't even offer a guess to when that future might become jeopardized by the lack of water. Is it 50 years?? Is it 100 years worth of water?? I've done one calculation based on current data that suggests if nothing changes, no new neighbors -- no new users of 'our' water -- leaves us over 6,000 years of water in the aquifers.

Longer showers and more sprinkler running for me, sounds like.

The water worry warts talk about greed and selfishness plenty too... I just wonder if they are looking in the mirror when they are doing so.

Sorry head water worry wart... the citizenship does not look ridiculous... but absolutely you and your cohorts do.

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