Monday, July 20, 2009

A refreshing outlook...

In keeping with a now developed theme for posts in July, here is another water and development related article from late last week. This time the news comes from Laughlin, Nevada... just over the hill from Kingman. (a hat tip to reader Ken for this article)

Board rejects proposed fee hike for developers


Friday, July 17, 2009 12:43 AM CDT

LAUGHLIN - A proposal by the Las Vegas Valley Water District to jump the total fees to almost $7,000 for a developer to hook up one home in Laughlin sank Tuesday at the Laughlin Town Advisory Board meeting.

Sadly, I get the feeling that this sort of proposal wouldn't meet the same demise in the land of the water worry warts, otherwise known as Kingman.


Although there was no vote on the prices that are included in a total revision of the service rules for the Big Bend Water District, which the LVVWD operates, Bronson Mack told the advisory board - the first time since its term began Jan. 13 that it has had all five members present - there was no problem and he would return with other proposals.

Later he told News West that it costs a developer in urban Las Vegas $6,310 to install the same size, 5/8-inch meter.

"But we don't want to be like Vegas", I can just hear the water worry warts saying. Too bad they don't know what they are saying half the time.

And hmm... just why isn't the cost in Kingman as high as it is in Vegas to connect to water sources?? Maybe because Vegas doesn't have nearly as much access to water as we have here in Kingman.

During the 75-minute discussion, Board Member Mike Bekoff received loud applause after quoting four water providers in Mohave County - Laughlin's direct competition for development - that showed the most expensive, the city of Kingman, assessed a fee of $2,690 if the connection is outside the city limits and $2,554 if inside the corporate boundary, for a 5/8-inch meter.

Loud applause for pointing out that the Laughlin community has competition for new development?? And Kingman is on that list of competitors?? Still?? Who knew??

Oh, and here may be just part of the reason the local developers and builders here in Kingman think they are getting ripped off by the 'high' prices to connect to water. See the other competitors prices...

He said the Arizona American Water Company in Bullhead City charged a total of $575 for a 3/4-inch meter, the Bermuda Water Company in Fort Mohave $185 and Lake Havasu City $1,725 for a 3/4-inch meter.

The folks in Laughlin, especially the town advisory board... i.e. leaders, get it. It is tough to compete for new tax revenue dollars when competing interests for the same dollars offer lower costs.

It is easy folks, use the water to improve the economy. In a thriving economy folks with new technologies and know how will help find solutions to distant problems such as water availability.

It is obvious that selfish local vocal interests can't be bothered to secure a permanent supply of life giving water.

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