Thursday, July 09, 2009

About that whole 'explosive growth' thingy...

The population estimates were updated recently at the US Census site (link here to check my math). Keep in mind that while the data is new to those of us that view the data, it is actually already a year old. It is updated back to July 1 of 2008, and as long as my calendar is correct it is now July 9th of 2009.

Of course I made a chart so you don't have to look at the numbers and spreadsheets. If you remember, I ran a similar chart last year in a post about expired listings. There I shared a feeling that the growth rate might actually be in the negative in this years report. Well as you will see it didn't exactly go to the negative, but it did drop once again.

I'm even more inclined to believe that the growth rate will turn negative when the next report comes out next year.

Meanwhile the data shows that the city of Phoenix had a growth rate of 2.16% between 2007 and 2008... and increase from the prior period ending a streak of two years of slight declines.

I think Mr. Bob Marley said it right... "Send us another brother Moses!"

And to borrow what I wrote last year...

Kinda funny looking at the data from 2006 to 2007. That was the same time that a select few in this community started getting all frenzied up that too many people were moving here and throwing out oddities like 'put the brakes on growth'. Wish granted it appears. People listened.

... and perhaps still listening.

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