Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The possibilities are endless...

First off, I clearly admit that I know hardly a darn thing about such things as 'Biofuels'. I don't know if they are a good thing, a realistic thing, or what.

But I found this and think, and well wouldn't this be great...

A startup based in Cambridge, MA--Joule Biotechnologies--today revealed details of a process that it says can make 20,000 gallons of biofuel per acre per year. If this yield proves realistic, it could make it practical to replace all fossil fuels used for transportation with biofuels. The company also claims that the fuel can be sold for prices competitive with fossil fuels.

Yep, yep... talk is cheap. I see articles like this all the time. But I don't discount them... instead I hope that eventually in my lifetime stuff like this comes to fruition.

Again... not a scientist -- me.

Heres more...

The company plans to build a pilot-scale plant in the southwestern U.S. early next year, and it expects to produce ethanol on a commercial scale by the end of 2010. Large-scale demonstration of hydrocarbon-fuels production would follow in 2011.

So not to scare the bigeezus out of the water worry warts and other anti growth types around the Kingman area... the article does not actually utter the words; Arizona, Mohave County, or Kingman. So chill.

But here are some other words that appear that this start up says the project needs; land, energy from the sun, and water (all things found in Arizona, Mohave County, and Kingman).

Sure, water resources are a bit of a question mark but nothing that couldn't be overcome with a handy dandy pipeline and a few desalinization plants. And we are talking replacing the needs of all transportation fuels in THIS country with this technology.

So I make this public/private partnership offer. We have some 13,000,000 acre feet of groundwater to use at the moment. Plenty of sunshine, land, and a gas fired power plant (if that even creates the needed CO2). Come here and build your plant and prove your product. If it goes over all gang-busters and the like, the federal government agrees to pay for a pipeline and needed de-sal plants to furnish you... and the community in Mohave County with water forever.

See this was water related (it is still July).

Obviously after my disclaimer at the beginning of this post, I can't say that this is a possible solution (momma didn't raise no scientist). But it is still important to be thinking about possible solutions... the possibilities are endless.

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