Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tea time again...

Just as a friendly public service announcement, it is Tea Party time again here in the Kingman area. This event will be held at Centennial Park in Kingman on Saturday July 4th from 4:00pm to 7:00pm. Find more information here at this link.

A couple of days ago in Nashville Tennessee, I guess those folks just couldn't wait for their tea, check out the photo below...

Not bad, certainly a goodly amount of people.

Last time the Tea Party was held in Kingman, the local editor of the local daily wrote a column that basically called Tea Party attendees racists (for lack of a better word). I took him to task on this blog for his transgression here.

Attending the Nashville Tea Party...


(all photos found at Instapundit.com)

... were just some of the great Americans that attended and let their thoughts be known.

And really that is what the Tea Parties are all about. Americans letting the government know they are on notice. This isn't about the skin color of the president. At this point, my criticism is mostly for the republicans in our state legislature and executive office for not cutting enough spending of money they simply don't have at the moment... basically for not being the fiscal conservatives that many say they are. The race thing though, just completely stupid and not even on the map as an important issue for the current times we face.

Yeah, you could say that I'm still kinda pissed off about what the editor wrote back in April... and he still owes great Americans an apology.

One prediction, there won't be any snow flurries on Saturday (like there was on April 15th), so dress accordingly -- I'll be taking photos with the intention of posting them on this blog.

For more reading about the local Tea Party, check out Loyd's blog (yeah, that Loyd) today.

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