Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ord, Nebraska is trying...

A small rural town in the mid-west has hired someone for a tall order job, check this out found in the Atlantic...

On a recent cross country road trip, I stopped in Ord, Nebraska, where I interviewed Caleb T. Pollard, a 29 year old man charged with bringing young professionals, businesses, and even tourists to a rural town hours from the Interstate.

TWO HOURS from the Interstate??!! Sounds like a tall order...

The goal is for Ord, population 2,269, to avoid the fate of certain other Midwestern communities: a dearth of young people, a steady population decline, a hollowing of downtown, a flight of the professional and creative classes to the big city.

Feel free to read the rest of the blog, or even following along with the follow ups promised by the author.

The point here is that rather tiny Ord, a place I never heard of (as far as I know not featured in a song about a road cutting through the country), has taken a chance to bring more economic activity to the community. If you do read further on the blog linked you might like or not like the idea that the young man hired by Ord, Nebraska is undertaking to draw interest to a less than 3,000 person community.

Again, the point here is... at least they are trying and getting some covereage for the attempt.

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