Monday, June 01, 2009

All right... one more...

I guess I'm just in one of those moods today and just feel like 'ripping the piss' as a former boss of mine used to say. The following also comes from the Kingman Daily Loyd, but in this episode I'm not really disagreeing with the author... entirely anyway.

My decision to go ahead with this one is for the reason that the topic will be discussed at tonights Kingman City Council meeting. I'll be watching via home computer and might even live blog.

So from the Kingman Daily Loyd's letter to the editor from last Friday...

Letter: Voters need more control, never less

Friday, May 29, 2009

During the May 18 Kingman City Council meeting, Councilman Keith Walker fielded the possibility of extending the mayor's term to four years as opposed to the current two-year term. In doing so, he reintroduces the age-old political manipulation scheme of maintaining Council control over a span of four years.

Currently, the mayor's slot has to stand the test every two years along with three Council members that are on staggered four-year terms. This gives the voters the chance to "Clean House" by electing a majority (4 out of 7) of new Council members every two years.

The wisdom of keeping this level of control with the voter is patently obvious. To reduce our choice to a minority replacement of the total Council membership means a voter-mandated change of Council direction would no longer be available.

The Kingman Daily Loyd's reasoning is solid here and I fully agree.

This question is about "control" and must be seen for the insidious proposal that it is.

And personally, I see it as a power grab by pro-interchange forces that see their rainbow-driven pots of gold slowly slipping from their grasp in a downward spiraling economy.

Okay... going off the rails a bit here. At this moment I'm fashioning a hat made of tin-foil for Loyd... I'm guessing he is a size 7 and 3/4's.

And I'm surprised Loyd didn't say that if only the pro-interchange folks would just wait in a shell until the economy comes back... why they'd have millions of dollars to spend dontcha know.

I stand firm that more power must be vested in the voter - never less.

I can dig it.

The factions on the council that will be waving the longer-term banner will also cry that two years just is not enough time to accomplish great things.

Wake me up whenever a government actually accomplishes great things. If this truly is the reasoning used for the discussion, I'll be disappointed.

Just remember that accomplishing great things equates to just how far into your wallet they can stick their fingers.

It's just that simple.

Loyd Peterson


Other than that last bit of empty rhetoric, there is much that I am compelled to agree with the Kingman Daily Loyd on this one.

Might be an interesting meeting tonight. Here is more about tonights meeting and other items on the agenda.

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