Monday, April 13, 2009

Don't forget about the Tea-Party on Wednesday...

See this website for more information as to the when and the where's...

But I guess I should warn the folks that are thinking of attending. You see a comment appeared in the Sunday edition of the Kingman Daily Miner... an ugly one at that. I'll get to that comment in a second.

The Tea-Party movement has taken place all across this country in a very organic and mostly spontaneous way. From my reading and understanding, there is very little organization going into the protests. The first Tea-Parties saw a couple of hundred folks show up in large cities holding informal demonstrations complete with homemade signs. Now I am seeing reports of thousands of people showing up in larger cities and hundreds more in smaller locations.

These are not republican or democrat demonstrations. They are not backed by wealthy individual political activists (like a George Soros backed deal). The republican party is not sponsoring or organizing these events, in fact republican party leader Michael Steele was asked NOT to show up at a recent Tea-Party event.

Here in Kingman on April 1 there was a Tea-Party and now later this week (Wednesday) there will be another one -- just one of many hundreds and maybe even thousands that will be held on 'tax day', if you will.

Hmmm... 'tax day'... hundreds or maybe even thousands of Tea-Party protests all over the country... what, I say, what just might be the theme of these protests??

Well the editor of the Kingman Daily Miner believes that these events have one common theme...

As if we didn't have enough problems with our government trying to give us the shaft, we now have a growing group of tea-baggers intent on making sure every American is scared crazy about pretty much everything. I would love to be there when these Henny Pennys discover that they really don't have much in common except that they all hate the fact that a black man is running (ruining!) the country.

That is right, he believes that if you are attending any Tea-Party anywhere across this country you have a problem with a black man running the country. Way to play the preemptive race card there pal. Disgusting.

In reality, if you were to read the rest of his column, you'd see that the editor is a fine candidate to join the folks at the Tea-Party. No... not because he himself is a racist because I doubt he is (I really don't know the man other than I know he is a Denver Broncos fan) and I would never call him a racist preemptively the way he just called hundreds of thousands of Americans. Actually why he would do well at this protest is because he is fed up with the decisions the governments (national on down to local) are making with our tax money...

... which is the entire point and theme of the Tea-Party movement.

Well I won't be holding my breath waiting for an apology from the editor of our local paper, but he should man up and offer one... at the Tea-Party on Wednesday (it's doubtful he'd even send a photographer or a reporter to cover the event even).

No matter though, the event is about us US citizens and our not feeling so swell with how the governments are spending money they don't have now and asking future generations to pay off these enormous debts.

I hope my schedule affords me the time to be at our local Tea-Party, and hopefully you can make it there too if you have some disagreement with how government is using our money at this time.

You can find contact information for the editor of the Miner here.

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