Monday, June 29, 2009

The guessing keep on coming...

Just a quick little article that I found about a couple of writers that have done some research on the value of homes in the future (2012 time frame).

Check it out, check it outers.

Here is a bit from the closest market they make a prediction for...

9. Arizona
Metro: Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale
What a Home Will Be Worth in 2012: $141,859
Q4 2008 price: $169,000
Projected price change by MSA: -16.1%
Projected price change by state: -17.2%

Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale is one of the worst-hit housing markets in the country. Retirees, empty-nesters, and others flocked to the area during the boom for its warm weather, relative affordability, and recreational opportunities. And so did builders. Many of the new homes built during the boom have since been repossessed.

My prediction?? Only that predictions will continue to come rolling in... and at some point someone will claim they were right. Clearly out on a limb there, aren't I??

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