Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thinking of buying a foreclosure??

Well, Popular Mechanics has a decent write up on some points to look at with some added advice.

See the article linked here.

From the article an important piece of advice...

That's why everyone we talked to agreed on one definitive piece of advice for prospective foreclosure buyers: Hire a home inspector. With this litany of possible pitfalls, Lutzke said, you'd be crazy not to have an expert tell you exactly what shape the house is in. Staub tries to get any buyer he works with to schedule a home inspection; for the .01 percent who have resisted in the past, he said, he eventually just broke down and paid for it himself. "Absolutely, get a home inspector," he said. "It's worth the investment." Whether the same can be said for that bargain house remains to be seen.

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