Monday, November 17, 2008

From the mail bag...

I'm talking the traditional mail, not email on this one.

Last week I received a newsletter from the Mohave County Landowners Association (no link and as far as I can tell, no web site). I am not a member of this association but I suspect I received the newsletter because I am a property owner in this county and this is an effort to create more association members.

I thought I'd share with the readers here some of MCLA's take on what is happening around these parts. I'll just share some bullet points and offer how to contact the association at the end if you are interested in getting this sort of information in your mail box.

From newsletter #68

From the heading 'MOVING FORWARD'

Despite all the bad news and problems on Wall Street and other national news, MCLA remains optimistic about the future of Mohave County. They talk about the strategic location between Phoenix and Las Vegas, the availability of relatively inexpensive land, and plentiful groundwater to foster commercial and residential development.

Also mentioned is the growing industrial park at the Kingman Airport and opportunity to expand the Interstae 40 Industrial Corridor. Goes on to say that hundreds of millions of dollars have been dedicated to upgrading the transportation routes in the area.

Now from the heading 'KINGMAN'

MCLA offers the opinion that Kingman has the best long-term development potential of the incorporated areas of Mohave County... due in large part the vast expanse of privately held undeveloped land and possible annexation of said land.

Mentioned is the construction of the new hospital in the Kingman Crossing area of Kingman. The hospital under construction had its 'topping off' celebration a couple of weeks ago. The new hospital hopes to start receiving patients in the fall of 2009.

This newsletter included a review on the special election that took place over a year ago in determining the present fate of 168 acres of land that is under the ownership of the city of Kingman near the proposed Kingman Crossing interchange. Included is a bit on the efforts of a slow or no-growth activist group... also known as my favorite local special interest political action committee group... also know as RAID... in that special election a year ago. Moving on...

Goes on to say that the landowners on the north side of I40 are still moving forward with plans of a regional shopping center AND an infrastructure improvement. Talks about a potential sales tax reimbursement agreement between the city and the developer/landowner, but concluded that this sort of agreement would be a hard sell.

Also describes a bit on another I40 infrastructure improvement slated to begin in 2013 with completion sometime in 2015... and that is just phase one of a two phase project. I've mentioned the Rattlesnake Wash interchange plenty of times here at MOCO and the MCLA assesment of the project is very similar.

A map was included in the newsletter focusing in on the more east side of Kingman and notes the proximity of some future projects.

I'll skip the stuff about Bullhead City and Lake Havasu and move on to the heading titled 'JOBS'...

First up is some information about the old North Star Steel plant under new ownership Nucor, and how it plans to invest $30 million dollars to upgrade the plant and actually reopen the middle of next year (2009).

Next is the new county jail that has started construction. Also the new Canyon Distribution Center nearing completion.

Under the heading 'HOOVER DAM BYPASS'

MCLA has indicated that a key element for the future growht of Mohave County will be the completion of the new bridge in late 2010. The go on to mention how it may impact the home construction market as mega developers anticipate future growth in the county once the project is completed. Also mentioned is the funding needed to widen the 15 mile approach to the Hoover Dam Bypass has been identified and bids have been sought for that project.

There's plenty of other good information included in the newsletter as well, for that you will have to contact the association to get a copy (and perhaps become a member). To contact the Mohave County Landowners Association, phone 800-441-2816 toll free -- or 753-3055 locally. You might also try email address

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