Tuesday, November 25, 2008

An interesting attack on the so called 'impact fees'...

I was just emailed a heads up about a letter to the editor found in today's edition of the Miner online.

Here is a preview... but please be sure to read the whole thing linked here...

There is very little value added, in my opinion, to attach labels to people who have an established set of beliefs and then collectively attacking everyone who has the same label but don't agree on specific issues.

A case in point, most of the city council members have identified themselves as Republicans but their votes often are aligned with the new Obama financial plan of "spreading the wealth."

We all should be asking if the mayor will be joining Governor Napolitano and asking the Congress for a bailout because we spent more than we earned and we can't break the habit. The financial problems we have are not owned by a political party, but by everyone who wants more than they can afford, and especially wants someone else to pay for it.

A different way to look at it as compared to many of the other arguments so far.

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