Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Letters to MOCO...

Got this one just a few minutes ago and wanted to share. It is from a local developer regarding the decision last night on the subject of so called 'impact' fees.

Open Letter to the People of Kingman:

I understand that the city counsel effectively killed any hope of reducing the impact fees that builders pay via new construction permits. As a developer myself, I am absolutely stunned and shocked at this council’s decision.

I believe that the NABA (Northern Arizona Building Association) presented valid arguments for reducing these fees. Was anyone on council listening? Basically, these “fees” are simply new “taxes” that make homes and buildings more expensive. It also drives business and development out into the county where the city will not receive any new sales tax revenue from these businesses.

And as a developer, I want the pubic to know that all new projects in Kingman already are required to provide substantial improvements such as streets, curbs, sewers, underground electric, water lines, curbs, water retention areas, and other important infrastructure that benefits the entire community. I also understand that these new homes provide additional burdens on the overall system such as the waste treatment plants, but these new home owners also contribute towards these plants via their water and sewer taxes moving forward.

However, there is a much greater concern that I have. This council decision sends out a very loud “anti-business” and “anti-growth” message to investors, businesses, and people thinking of coming to Kingman which is simply devastating to our town’s future.

This city and nation is in one of the worst economic times since the Great Depression, and our federal government is doing everything in its power to stabilize the economy and put our country back on a positive tract.

So, what do our leaders here in Kingman do in their infinite wisdom? They basically gave “the bird” to the main economic driver of Kingman (construction), and also sent out a very strong signal to businesses in general thinking of coming to Kingman…. “We are anti-business. We are anti-growth. And, we will make it as hard and expensive as possible for you to set up shop in our town.”

Thanks a lot city council!

Kenneth Herskind

Developer, La Costa Luxury Townhomes

Thank you Ken.

Readers... I'm happy to publish your thoughts as well on any reasonable subject, especially if you believe that the other media outlets won't publish them (they have their reasons). Feel free to send me what you have. More voices need to be heard on important issues that face our community.

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