Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Taxes, incentives for alternative energy, national politics

While I have my opinions on 'national' politics, I try to refrain from writing about such things.

I'm not looking forward to the presidential election as of yet. Neither major party candidate has earned my support or vote as of yet (but I am leaning in one direction).

I'm a simple dude when it comes to taxes. I pay them. I just don't want to pay for more of them.

In keeping with the alternative energy theme to some degree I found this blog article that caught my eye today about the Obama's choice for VP and his record on raising taxes (or attempting to raise taxes).

Here is what I didn't like and how it applied to alternative energy...

Biden has reliably backed Democratic initiatives such as an end to IRS contracts with private debt collection agencies, tighter basis reporting requirements for securities transactions, and incentives promoting renewable energy production.

I'm not sharing this to start some national political debate, but I find it a bit awkward that the democrats like to say such things as we must 'take' money from one provider of energy (oil companies) and perhaps use that money to offer incentives for renewable forms of cleaner energy sources. This doesn't add up... and it is a reason why I detest national politics.


I may have read that wrong. The article that I read about VP Candidate Biden's tax policy record basically had a theme of rolling back tax cuts and other issues I feel that I am against. What I emphasized above does not actually state that Biden is against 'ending' incentives promoting renewable energy production... but I admit that when I first read the article... that is how I interpreted it.

I am in favor of offering some sort of tax credit to people that invest in renewable power (i.e. wind turbines) as a way to help establish a market for those products.

I've decided to leave the post anyway. I'm sure I can find other reasons not to be excited about the democratic ticket before November.

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