Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Realtor fees are always negotiable...

I get referred to as an 'Evil 6%er' at times. This term is usually used by a person that reads anti-real estate industry blogs that like to point the finger and blame anyone or anything for everything they perceive as the reason for something negative. There is no need or reason to argue with the folks that frequent those sites and then mimic what they read... as most don't have a reason or a need to buy or sell property in the first place.

I'll admit that I will catch up with a few anti-real estate industry blogs at times, I find them a good source of laughter for the most part. I've even posted comments at times on a few of the blogs, but some my comments do not make it through to the blog because I bluntly write such horrible things as "all Realtor fees are always negotiable"... and that kind of ruins the fun for the blog's author.

Well today... this 'Evil 6%er' is once again highlighting the fact that fees are negotiable. Below is a link to an article from MarketWatch. I ask that you read the whole thing. Plenty of info, and plenty of useful info for anyone thinking of buyer or selling in the current market... especially as it pertains to any chosen professional relationship one may enter into with a real estate practicioner.

Haggle on real-estate commissions.


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