Monday, August 25, 2008

Election time, voting season begins...

Whether or not you think it is 'Duck season' or 'Rabbit season', now that the top national party conventions will be in our face for the next two weeks... it does feel a bit cartoonish (if that is even a word).

A little bit closer to home, the local state and county elections loom as well. I have my state senate and representative picks handled already and I look forward to casting my votes to the ladies and gentleman.

The Mohave County elections, on the other hand, have not been so clear cut for me. I'm staying out of the 'this is who you should vote for' routine. I'm still trying to figure out where my vote is going to. County politics is making the recent city elections held last spring look like a breeze. The city elections were very civil, candidates did not make things personal... for at least a couple of offices up for election in Mohave County though, the same can't be said.

I'll still offer this to Mohave County candidates though... if you'd like to have some space here at MOCO and tell the readers how you see the importance of private property rights and the need to protect and enhance those rights in this county... feel free to drop me an email.

Also... as of yesterday, members of the Kingman/Golden Valley Association of Realtors began their election for officers and directors to serve on the Board of Directors. For the first time in a very long time there are very difficult choices to make on the ballot. Part of the reason is that there were so many Members that were nominated to the ballot. But to be sure... there is plenty of quality that came with the quantity. I look forward to the results later this week and confidently feel that the Association will benefit with the new leadership, continuing the positive work and success that the 2008 Board of Directors contributed.

Good luck to all the candidates this voting season at every level.

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