Thursday, August 14, 2008

One step closer to some good news

The Kingman Planning and Zoning Commission approved some standards that will allow property owners the opportunity to utilize a wind turbine for electricity generation. See article here.

The first amendment would add general development standards for wind turbines to the zoning ordinance. These standards would allow for a single wind turbine on any size parcel, or two turbines for parcels larger than one acre.

The amendment calls for turbines to stand no higher than the maximum building height of the zoning district in which they are built, or up to 60 feet with a conditional use permit. The turbines would also have to be rated at 10 kilowatts capacity or less, and colored a non-reflective, neutral desert color.

Now the issue moves to the City Council for adoption. Talking with folks across the state of Arizona... if Kingman does adopt this, as I understand it, it may be the most progressive allowance of use of a wind turbine in the state. Other municipalities have allowed for use of a wind turbine on property with an acre or more, the Kingman amendment would allow for turbines on any sized lot.

One step closer to something actually very positive to promote about Kingman, one step closer to having the opportunity to cut my utility bills in half (or more) during the summer months when the AC is running.

I hope this amendment gets council support.

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