Friday, August 15, 2008

One step closer to some good news part 2

A major obstacle has been removed for the developers at Kingman Crossing. Read the article here.

A few bits from the Miner's article...

Several parties involved in the Kingman Crossing regional shopping center project on Tuesday managed to reach a preliminary agreement with the Federal Highway Administration regarding ingress and egress points for the development north of Interstate 40.

Mayor John Salem and representatives of Vanderbilt Farms both called the agreement a "significant step" toward the project's eventual construction.

I would have just been happy with a 'baby step'. Any step towards progress is welcome.

(Kingman Mayor John) Salem said he hoped the large Kingman presence would prove to the FHWA that the city is serious about moving forward with the project.

"This has been kind of the hold up as to why we haven't heard anything from Vanderbilt and Vestar for the last six or seven months," he said. "On a future agenda, more than likely we'll see representatives from Vanderbilt and Vestar, to see if Council wants to direct staff to proceed with any kind of proposals for funding mechanisms for the Kingman Crossing interchange."

Time to let Council know that this community does indeed want to see proposals for progress on this project. Call, write, email... Here is the city website. Let your voice be heard!!

"We were doing a number of things - due diligence - we were meeting with (FHWA,) we were meeting with ADOT," Stuart Goodman, a spokesman for Vanderbilt, said. "We were certainly doing what we needed to do in order to prepare ourselves for when the time was right to become actively engaged in the process in Kingman."

With an access agreement finally reached, Goodman anticipated an increased presence from the developers over the coming months.

"We're going to work with the Council, work with staff to go through the normal development process," he said. "It's a great location for the community and the region, so we're going to continue chipping away at it."

I have the sudden urge to break out some Barry White tunes on my iPod. This just feels good.

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