Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Important letter to the editor...

This one is about wind turbines and the city of Kingman adopting a new ordinance to allow for the use of energy producing products on your private property. Keep in mind that the City Council meeting will be on TUESDAY September 2 (Monday is a holiday).

From the letter...

On Tuesday, Sept. 2, in the City Council Chambers at 6 p.m., the wind turbine ordinance will be voted on. Please come out and be heard on this issue. People with less money or smaller lots and homes should not be discriminated against.

Question: Should just the people on half-acre or larger lots be able to have wind energy savings or should all city lots be able to have wind turbines? Come out and support this issue! Let's pack City Hall and show our support. The Skystream Wind Turbine meets high engineering standards. These wind turbines are engineered safer then an electric pole, street light, red and green signal light, trees and even the roof of a house. Before the Skystream 10 gauge steel pole would fall down, the wind would basically knock down your house. The pole and wind turbine will hold up in over a 140-mile an hour wind (hurricane-strength winds).

Read the whole thing right here.

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