Friday, April 24, 2009

That new solar power plant and the things beings said

By now most locals have already heard about the news of a $1,000,000,000 private investment venture coming to Mohave County in the form of a solar powered thermal plant.

Here are some links and some copy of some of the things being shared...

Arizona to get billion dollar solar thermal plant

Albiasa Solar of Spain and the Arizona Department of Commerce are set to announce the building of a $1 billion solar-thermal power plant near Kingman, Arizona, next year, which will provide power for up to 50,000 homes when fully operational in 2013.


The solar-thermal plant in Kingman will create 2,000 construction jobs and 100 permanent jobs, according to the Arizona Commerce Department.

Stuff we know already, but a nice photo is up at that link.

Arizona surges ahead with new $1B solar plant

The good news for Kingman and local residents is that the project should deliver 2,000 construction jobs and more than 100 permanent jobs in the plant itself.


There is some concern that Arizona doesn’t yet have the infrastructure necessary to transmit the energy produced by the Kingman plant. But the state has hefty incentive to remedy this problem. If it can get enough solar plants up and running by next year, it should qualify for a generous chunk of the stimulus funding allocated for renewable energy sources under the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act — and the jobs that will surely follow.

Jobs?? Certainly will be good news.

Energy co. to build 200MW solar power plant near Kingman

Assisted by the Arizona Department of Commerce, Albiasa's projects will create up to 2,000 construction jobs and more than 100 permanent jobs for Arizonans.


"Arizona is a natural location for our first major US project due to the solar and transmission resources," said Jesse Tippett, Albiasa Corporation's U.S. operations director. "We look forward to doing business here, and thank the Department of Commerce and business attraction manager Verily Keenan and Mohave County for all they have done to make us welcome."


"We are excited to welcome Albiasa Corporation to Mohave County," said Gary Watson, District I Mohave County Supervisor. "This project will provide excellent jobs and substantial capital investment for our region of the state, and we anticipate Albiasa's presence will better enable us to attract additional renewable energy projects and allied operations."

Good things happen I suppose when you have an economic development program at the local government. Now the city of Kingman needs one, if anything just to help spread the word that our fair city welcomes new investment and development.

Arizona lands $1 billion solar plant

The Kingman plant will create 2,000 construction jobs and 100 permanent jobs, according to the Commerce Department.

"The arrival of Albiasa Corp. is yet another big step toward establishing Arizona as a leader in the sustainable-industries sector," Gov. Jan Brewer said.

And from one of the comments at that link...

I only wish it could have been built closer to the Valley so as to benefit our economy and not BFE Kingman. That said praise to the Europeans for figuring it out.


Wouldn't Kingman be better suited for a wind farm?


Isn't Kingman getting some of it's electricity from Boulder Dam?

The comments had me laughing and there were others so click on that link for more. I get the feeling that folks down in Phoenix don't take too kindly to us folks up 'round these here parts.

Well I applaud the Albiasa Corp. and sure do welcome them to our little humble area. I wish the project much success.

Also, I hope that the readers saw a common theme with what I shared from the links. It is precisely why I favor development and investment in our local area. Plenty of good people in our parts sure could use a few more opportunities. My sincere hope is that those who proclaim, yet won't define, 'irresponsibility' will at least begin to take note the benefits of development... especially after the clear affects of thwarting other opportunities over the last few years.

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