Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kingman's Tea Party

The Tea Party event held in Kingman on April 15th looked like a nice event and the comments I have received in my email say that the number of people that showed up was in the 200 to 300 range for the time period the event lasted. Not bad considering is was fairly cold and windy (I saw snow flurries that afternoon).

I wish to thank Paul Frankfurter for allowing me to post the photos he and his wife took at the event.

You can also find more photos here at links here and here.

Another email report from neighboring city, Lake Havasu, had a couple of thousand folks show up at their event. Wow!! Congrats to them. Here is a link to an article about that.

Oh... and one last thing... for the editor of the Miner... didn't see any white sheets worn by the attendees and no crosses were torched. Guess you got that one wrong too. Apology from you... ASAP.

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