Monday, April 20, 2009

Just like old times, perhaps??

It was just a couple of short years ago where one could find incredible entertainment events here in Kingman a couple of times a month, these events were also known as City Council meetings.

I remember getting to the small meeting room about a half and hour early just to get a seat to view the festivities. As the meeting room would fill up one could feel the temperature rise to the point where you'd wish they'd turn on the misting system (oh... they don't have that in that room, my bad). As the gavel fell at the six o'clock hour the room would be packed to standing room only status, with many others standing outside the meeting area as well.

At that point an attendee knew it was just a few mere moments until cries of "crooks", "back room deals", "show me the emails", "don't sell the well sites", and "free fruit flavored slushies for everyone" would fill the chambers (okay, I'm joking about the last quoted inclusion).

Well entertainment like this may be appearing again tonight at the City Council meeting room. On the agenda are topics that include increasing taxes (sales taxes and room taxes), city employee raises, and perhaps another important issue or two.

See these articles from the Kingman Daily Miner here and here. Some good comments appear at the bottom of the first link (probably be some doozies on the latter as well as the day moves along).

I won't be there to take a seat a half hour before the meeting. Instead I think that I'll be live blogging the meeting right here at MOCO instead (unless the hockey games on TV are really good). But I do expect a good showing in turnout, and can't wait for both the public imput as well as the comments by the elected leaders. This sure is a difficult time and many difficult decisions are in the offing.

One bit of advice if you are planning to attend in person, bring a personal misting system and a fan. Looks like it might be a warm day which will turn up the heat inside the chambers. To say nothing about all the hot air that might likely be exchanged during the meeting.

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