Thursday, April 02, 2009

The local Tea Party...

Sorry I missed it due to prior obligations, here's a couple of photos but see more at the MohaveTeaParty site.

I got this email from Donna about the local Tea Party...

Sorry you missed it, if I get more in I will send them to you. It actually
went very well for what it was for. People started showing up at 9:00.
There was never an overwhelming crowd there but around 1:00, Bruce, my
husband went to drop of a table for the dj and couldn't find a parking
place! By the time I got there at 2:30 there were around thirty that I
counted. By 4:00 we lost some and gained some more. There were about 20 of
us still out there at 6:00. So for an all day protest, it went well.

There will be another one on the 15th. This time the focus more defined,
(taxes and spending) and only for a set number of hours,(probably 4). There
should be a good turn out for this since everyone will be more into what
they are really doing. We had people coming into the park from hearing it
on the radio, pulling over to find out just what it was and etc. which was
really good. A lady showed up on her bicycle a little after 5, said she
lived downtown and her husband had just gotten home from work and told her
to get down there, so she made a couple of signs grabbed the kids and came
on down.

It was great.


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