Monday, March 23, 2009

some econ development stuff...

Most of the time when I run these econ development pieces I search them out and find it is rather easy to come up with four or five examples of other communities doing what they can to improve their local economies. Now the process, for this post at least, is proving to be even easier. Over the weekend a couple of readers sent me an article (and no, I will not be giving those readers named credit for doing so, ha!!).

So I will share the two here and simply pretend that I found these on my own (but if you have articles to share, please send them in and save me the twenty minutes it takes to find such articles on my own).

First one is from a store opening right here in Arizona (but alas, not here in Mohave County).

Shoppers flock early to new Gilbert Macy's

Shoppers from across the southeast Valley showed up as early as 7:30 a.m. Friday to check out the new Macy's at Gilbert's SanTan Village.


R.B. Harrison, president and chief operating officer of Macy's West, said the company has been eyeing Gilbert's growth and proximity to high-profile developments such as Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport and the planned Gaylord resort in east Mesa.

He said Gilbert is "poised for growth."

Kathy Langdon couldn't agree more.

"I really see this as the first step to recovery in a down economy," said Langdon, president of Gilbert's Chamber of Commerce. "This couldn't have come at a better time."

No folks... Kingman is not getting a Macy's anytime soon as it is simply too much of a 'high-falootin' type of retail place that doesn't fit in with current demographics (hi Al). It is, though, the 'poised for growth' and 'first step to recovery' comments that I felt were worth sharing.

Kingman could still be poised for growth (if it was actually being worked on) and drastically needs at least one positive thing to manage its own first step to recovery.

City looks to 'enterprise zone' to boost fortunes

Enterprise zones offer tax benefits and other incentives for businesses located in them. An enterprise zone could help attract coveted biotech and high-tech businesses to Escondido's mostly vacant business park when the economy recovers.

“This is a big story for Escondido,” Pfeiler said. “We are investing in the future of Escondido.”

The City Council made the decision to pursue a designation at its meeting Wednesday.

“Escondido has a good shot at it. If we can get it, it will be that much more powerful an incentive,” Councilman Dick Daniels said. “These are times when businesses are not thinking about relocating, but we want to be in position when they do. We have great potential for a business park.”

What?? Investing in the future?? Being ready to position itself for new opportunity?? Is not much to ask... that is if the future is any concern to the great folks that live in Kingman.

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