Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm back...

After AAR's Winter Conference I headed out to eastern New Mexico to spend a few days with my wife and the grandkids. Just didn't feel like blogging, or staying current on local issues for that matter. Seeing the kids smile and laugh was enough for me.

Have been trying to catch up and am about half way through my emails (yep, didn't check those either)... hopefully there will be time for some updates throughout the day.

Glad to be back though... and who do I thank for the great weather??

Oh... and on the econ development front from the location I was at was this...

Part of the city’s economic achievements include more than 1,000 jobs created in the past few years and more than 1,200 homes sold in the last two years. And new industries attracted to the city particularly because of the industrial park, (Clovis Mayor Gayla Brumfield) said.

“Even with the state of the national economy and the loss of capital markets, our economic development efforts have been very successful,” she said.

And it is too bad that the local newspaper, for whatever reason, doesn't include their Sunday edition online as there was a great article on the success of their local real estate market.

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