Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It was 'lunch and learn' day...

I spent the lunch time hour at the Kingman/Golden Valley Association of Realtors office today. The education committee has been putting on events called 'lunch and learn'. Until today I had not participated at such an event.

Today's topic and presentation was put on by local attorney Mark Sippel and he covered the subject of 'short sales'.

I found the presentation extremely handy for today's housing market, and it never hurts to hear about such issues straight from a lawyer. I have a personal business rule not to engage in potential short sale transactions, but have been thinking about breaking that rule lately.

But mostly, I want to commend the work of the education committee of the Association. I am very impressed by the number of fellow members that attended and all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes from the committee members, Association staff, and the Board of Directors.

There are many committee activities that I have noticed lately and all seem to be producing value and benefits for the members.

So a heart felt thank you to all that helped put this event together today.

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