Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bloggers at Winter Conference...

Last week I was very fortunate to finally meet face to face with a few fellow real estate bloggers that I have been reading for more than a few years now.

Jay Thompson
, John Wake, and Dru Bloomfield are all real estate practitioners in the Phoenix area and have been sharing information about their business, market, and personal interests on their blogs for some time. I've had them linked here at MOCO over on the sidebar.

Jay and Dru were part of a panel discussion on blogging and other forms of social networking at Winter Conference. This Winter Conference is the first one that I have attended where I have met other RE bloggers. I'm certainly not THE pioneer of RE blogging... in fact I initially modeled my monthly sales reports based on how John produces his reports and Jay's blog has been an inspiration for MOCO since I first stumbled across his site. But the point is, I believe blogging and other forms of social networking are vital moving forward in this industry... and I have had modest success myself using this forum in my own business. So finding other real estate professionals of like mind, to some degree, is satisfying in terms of blogging... after what seems like all these years.

There are other local Realtors who are now blogging, Evan Fuchs in Bullhead City and Kathleen Murray right here in Kingman. And I say... the more the better.

I look forward to a plan to collaborate with Evan in the coming weeks and producing an online radio/podcast type of format on real estate related issues locally (but you just have to know that I'll throw my local political two cents in as often as I can).

Better days ahead, for real estate pro's... and especially for anyone else that simply wants more organic information that local blogs offer that more traditional media sources simply can't.

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